Timeline of Events in the Southlands

Years in the Past

5000: Kingdom of Nuria is formed

3500: The White Apes are created by unknown sorcerors

3000: Ankeshel and Glorious Umbuso are the most advanced nations in the world. Ankeshel, an island, sunk and the titans of Umbuso were struck by a plague.

2100: The pashas of Sikkim brutally quash a rebellion. The survivors among the rebels flee westward in a flying castle. The castle finally crashed near the Celestial Waterfall in the Black Lotus Mesa.

1500: Prince Fadokonu takes the throne of Morreg and leads it to conquest over most of the western coast of the continent. He forms the Enlightened Monarchy of Morreg.

1200: The traitorous vizier Khensu attempts to usurp the throne, but the God-King’s victory cements the current dynasty.

1100: The Enlightened Monarchy of Morreg falls through a combination of decadence and Prince Agajay’s embrace of the Dark God Mot and the Owlblood Necromancers. He breaks treaties with gnolls, enraging them.

1100: Narumbeki and Terrotu ally against Morreg.

1000: The Great Library of Lignas is burned by the Purple Horde of gnolls and nomas, under the banner of Ama Uroyechef.

900: Priests of Bastet attempt to tame the gnoll tribes, which leads to a war between the minotaurs of Roshgazi and Nuria. The war would continue at a slow smoldering pace for 300 years.

500: The Serpent Scholars are formed

450: The Moon Kingdom of Minotaurs is formed along the western coast of the Middle Sea.

400: The Ramag arrive en masse in Lignas to witness the rising of an important obelisk gate

400: The Green Walker arrives in Kush and turns its jungles into a land of deadly living plants.

250: Dwarves of Sebbek Sobor first demonstrate Qamari steel, a new alloy, in Lignas

200: The Coil of Memory takes power in Lignas and uses its scholarship to develop new weapons and cruelties

200: The dragons of the Mharoti Empire come south to attack Nuria Natal, Cindass, and Roshgazi, devastating those places, until their army was finally pushed back by the Wind Lords of the Stone Desert. Not defeated, they turned their attention to Nuria Natal.

115: The Nurian city of Avaris is scourged by dragons, but the God King Aten-Akman defeats their invasion

100: The Arcane Wasting starts to spread through Morreg

90: A priestess of Bastet named Ama Ndamon helps distillate a potion that tames reptiles

74: The dragon Fanarash settles near Sudvall, and Sudvall signs a treaty with it

60: An army led by the Eyes of Aten burns the Great Hive of Arbeyach

50: The Queens of Terrotu launch a crusade against the tosculi hive

40: Dragons from the Mharoti Empire burn to death the prophet of Aten the Sun God in Per-Xor. The dragons are driven off, but Per-Xor’s defenses are permanently weakened.

36: The balor Wra’onai leads an army of Kushite soldiers to raid Nuria Natal, before being defeated at the Siege of Per-Xor.

27: The Spider Prophet in the Dominion of the Wind Lords receives a vision of Mharoti dragons sneaking into the country disguised as Tamasheq. Members of the Tamasheq tribe are regularly kidnapped and harassed.

25: Mwato Yaav assassinates the queen of Lignas and ascends to the throne, developing an iron grip of spies and assassins both in and out of the kingdom’s borders.

20: Shibai offers sizable bounties for the capture of the pirates who terrorize the Showka Passage.

7: Vran Gorovik leads an expedition from Capleon to the Great Sinkhole and is never heard from again.

1: The titan Gamka Firemane escapes his prison and claims the Lion Throne of Omphaya as the seat of the Reborn Glorious Umbuso.

Timeline of Events in the Southlands

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